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Hello all,

As, we are growing day by day we are coming up with a program where our viewers can also earn money from our website in addition to finding solutions for your coding issues. So, if you are good at writing you can easily earn money from us. Please read the following instructions/rules for more info.

You are ready to earn from us if you have following qualities

  • If you have good knowledge in any client or server side technology.
  • If you are good at writing so that your articles can be easily understood by users.

Process to earn money from coding-issues

  1. Pick up any topic/issue which can be useful to many techies and compose a good article on that topic/issue.
  2. Your article should contain minimum of 300 words and should stick to the topic.
  3. Our quality team will review each and every article submitted by the members.
  4. If your article is not approved, then we will send it back to you for modifications so that you can edit it and send us back.
  5. If your article gets approved, our team will decide the price based on the quality of your article.
  6. Once the article is published on coding-issues your money will be transferred to your bank account. 

Points to be followed while writing article

  1. Your article should be unique. You can not copy the content that is already published in any other websites or blogs.
  2. Your article should contain minimum of 300 words.

You can submit the article from this page page. Contact coding issues 

If you need clarification on anything, please comment using the below comment box.

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